Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God Provides

This morning we woke up to a beautiful sight! Fresh
snow and lots of it! Our small town of Lunenburg
recorded the highest levels in all of MA with 15.3
inches of beautiful, heavy, wet snow! You simply
had to watch the news or  ask anyone in town who
had the backache to prove it!
But God's provision goes beyond just gorgeous
Charlie and I spent yesterday preparing several
pots of soup for a church luncheon to be held today!
For a while we wondered how and where we could
store the soup overnight. All those large pots would
fill our refrigerator so when we looked outside to
those mounds of fresh snow we realized that God had
provided us with the natural refrigeration needed! 

That's so neat! Just as Charlie and I were pondering
how and where we could store all that soup, our God
provided! I just love that He cares about everything,
even to the smallest details in our lives!
posted by: Sally

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